The Positive and Negative Effects of Marijuana Withdrawal

If you have ever battled an addiction, you know all too well the struggle it can be to overcome it. The same is true for Marijuana addiction. While those who are associated with a marijuana dispensary may argue only for the benefits of Marijuana, it is still an addictive substance and withdrawal is sometimes necessary to stop using it.

Completely stopping the use of Marijuana can be very difficult and the process has many negative effects. It does, however, have positive effects as well. Since anyone going through this withdrawal will most likely experience these effects, it’s good to be aware and informed about them.

  1. No Longer Addicted (Positive)

This is pretty obvious, but being free from an addiction can make a huge impact on your overall happiness. You will no longer struggle with an addictive habit and can enjoy your life more.

  1. More Productive (Positive)

Even though Marijuana is considered to be a “soft” drug, it still has an effect on the user. It slows down people’s perception and reaction time and makes it more difficult to function. If you are a heavy user, even simple tasks can be daunting. Without the effects of the drug, you can function at a normal pace like everyone else.

  1. Lack of Sleep (Negative)

It is often the case during withdrawal that people find it difficult to sleep. In fact, some have reported not being able to sleep at all. This obviously will have a dramatic effect on your daily life. It weakens you in general and in this weakened state, it is more difficult to fight the addiction.

  1. Lack of Patience (Negative)

Another effect that is quite noticeable to those around a person going through withdrawal is increased irritation and lack of patience. It can be very difficult for the person to control his or her temper, as well as thoughts and feelings, which may lead to increased arguments and harsh words. It is to everyone’s benefit who may be in contact with the person to be aware that the withdrawal is taking place, so that this is understood and not taken personally.

  1. Increased Self-Esteem (Positive)

Once a person is able to successfully withdraw from using Marijuana, a great feeling of empowerment usually occurs. It is quite the struggle to overcome and in doing so, it can make the person realize how strong they really can be when necessary. This can be a catalyst to further self-improvement in other areas as well.

  1. Better Outlook Overall (Positive)

Similar to the previous point, when someone overcomes a Marijuana addiction, life not only looks better in that area, but this sense of accomplishment can help them realize that they can face anything that comes in life and be successful, resulting in a more positive outlook for the days ahead.

Marijuana addiction is real. The effects are real and the struggle to defeat it is real, but to those who overcome – the new life that is gained is so worth it.


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