Benefits Of Artificial Turfs

You envy your neighbor’s well-mowed lawn, and you start to wonder how your neighbor can maintain a perfect lawn. You will be surprised that their lawn you envy is fake grass. This fake grass is called artificial turf; this is a turf made of synthetic fibers which give a look of natural grass. Artificial turf is becoming very popular because it is cheaper and save time that will have been expended on maintenance. Artificial grass provides a lot of benefits over natural grass.

Less care

Natural grass requires continuous maintenance. A grass lawn needs constant mowing during the summer months and cleaning during the winter months. Grass yards call for upkeep throughout the year. If the lawn is not mowed regularly, the lawn is overgrown by weed. The only periodic maintenance required for artificial turf is to rake and sweep any dirt on it. An artificial turf also makes your house clean by preventing mud or dirt tracks. Also, cleaning pet littering is no longer an issue because you just pick it up or hose off their urine off the turf.

Environment friendly

Because natural grass is attractive to insects, fleas, and other pests and you need to spray insecticides and pesticides regularly to prevent any infestation. Also, natural grass need regular fertilizer to help it grow properly, but with artificial turf, there is no need for fertilizer or insecticides. Fleas, pests as well as other parasites are drawn onto natural grass, so it essential to spray insecticides and also pesticides on a regular basis. With synthetic lawns, this is not required. Also, there would be no need for chemical fertilizers which are made to enhance the growth of natural grass. The mowers use in trimming and cutting natural grass cause both noise and air pollution which is avoid if artificial turf is used.

Saves water

There is significant water conservation if you use artificial turf. If you live where the climate is very dry, artificial lawn will save you the need for water. Using artificial turf will save approximately 22,000 gallons of water annually which can save you up to 75% of your monthly water bill.


An artificial turf can be used for many years without the need to replace and can be used in any weather type. Another problem artificial turf prevent is water clogging because, with most artificial turf, water draining system is in place that prevents water staying on it. The average life span of an artificial turf is eight years. You can be sure to getting value for money and be free of constant replanting in the case of natural grass.

Perfect for sporting activities

Apart from artificial turf passing for natural grass, it has very versatile use. This form of grass can be used in a wide range of sporting activities such as lawn tennis, soccer and hockey, and golf. Natural grass needs replacement after 250 hours of use whereas there is no need for replacement of artificial turf no matter the length of use. The only maintenance need after use is regular cleaning and brushing to replace any dirt and straighten flattened bristles. Following the correct maintenance procedure and wearing the right footwear, it can be used for sporting events for many years.

Synthetic grass gives a field a very lush and beautiful landscape and is fast becoming the prefer turf because of the many benefits it offers.

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